Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sketchbook Assignment 4 - Keeping Time.

Would you go back in time?
I am often intrigued by people's investment in the past, their desire to relive certain experiences, to go back to their childhood homes, to keep returning to events that happened in the past in order to relive it, looking at old photographs and so on. This is perhaps because I find that need totally lacking in myself. It is not that I had a bad past. Or that I fear reliving it. I just do not really want to. I would say I am much more interested in the future than the past. And of course, the moment.

I created this "time series" by drawing a picture in Paint, saving it at irregular intervals (16 times), and then putting it together in a mosaic by using software (Bighugelabs' Mosaic Maker) I found it quite interesting to note my emotions as I interrupted myself to save the drawing with a different name each time.. I was not sure what I would draw, I did not really plan it. The words came as I was drawing. "Would you want to go back in time?" To erase or add or change a feature? Or perhaps a part of your past? Of course, in the series I could do exactly that, but I did not have to go back to previous saved files to change the image. I simply could adapt the drawing in each next step. In effect, I was going forward in time, but affecting past decisions.  Maybe there is a lesson in there somewhere ...

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